Restorapic Photo Restoration

Your photos represent meaningful visual links to our past. We breathe new life back into your old photos

Prices starts at €12

Photo Restoration and retouching can be very subjective, and each photo is unique. Therefore we restore your photographs with the greatest respect and commitment. 

We take a comprehensive approach to restoring your photographs and we are confident you will love your newly restored photos. 

"At Restorapic, the results can be Amazing!"

Our Process

Upload your Photos and Email us your details 

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We send you a Proof Photo of your Restored Photo. 

Make a Purchase only if your Satisfied.

What We Do

Our services are very personal and we understand how important restoring your photos are for your memories.  Our expert skills lie in the following areas:

  • Photo Restoration and Repair of damaged photographs
  • Remove blemishes and Repair cracked photos
  • Contrast, brightness & colour tone balanced
  • Restore Old Faded Photos
  • Re-constructive work on missing segments of images
  • Colourization (bringing colour to black and white photos)
  • Content Aware Patching
  • Inpainting: The process of reconstructing deteriorated parts of photos
  • Two or more photographs can be combined into one photo.
  • People or objects can be added or removed, backgrounds can be altered.
  • Sections of a scene can be removed and replaced.
Photo Restoration
Restore Posters and Comics
  • Old Posters & Comic Images Cleaned and Enhancement
  • Old Maps & Documents Cleaned, Enhancement & Restored
  • Items Prepared for Reprinting
old map wexford

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Happy Customers - Iris Robinson

Photo Restoration Review.
I feel I have to let you know how very happy I am with the photo you restored for me, it was a very special photo that could not be replaced, and was very important to people so just to say thanks again you have made my day. (June 2015)

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