Photo Restoration

What We Do.

Our quality photo restoration process incorporates comprehensive approach including experience, passion and (on occasion) research to give you a beautiful photo that you may have thought was beyond repair.

We provide you with quote first so you know the total restoration cost before work begins.

If you are not happy with the results you’re under No Obligation to Buy

Some subjects of the photos we have restored include Bob Hope, Princess Margaret and Scott Glenn.

Colorisation photos fixed


Converting old photos from black & white to colour is in essence being able to see what the original photographer actually saw at that time.

Colorcast photo restoration

Colour Cast Photos

We remove colour casts from old photos, which is a tint of a particular colour, usually unwanted. This might be due to how the photo was stored.

Damaged Photos

We can restore photos that are damaged or scratched. Dirt, scratches, and other signs of ageing are removed from the photograph.

faded photos fixed

Faded Photos

We restore faded photos back to their former glory, improving composition. This is probably the most common form of degradation in old photos.

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  • Neil does an awesome job in photo restoration. His prices are reasonable and the service is super fast! I had proofs to examine in less thn 24 hours. I would definitely recommend his service!!
  • I have used Neil’s services several times and he does what seems impossible when it comes to restoring photos, I couldn’t be more happier with his work. and the prices are very reasonable. thanks Neil.
  • I need a sixth star! Neil did an absolutely outstanding job and was very patient with my changes. He corrected the flaws perfectly and then went above and beyond to adjust the brightening and contrast of my photo, offering me three different versions, at no additional charge! I recommend Neil highly… Read More
  • The picture speaks for itself. The original was also sellotaped together and we didn’t believe it could ever be restored, well done Neil…super fast and very inexpensive. Thank you
  • I was utterly amazed at this work! Neil was able to get me a quote in 24 hours and work complete within just a few days. What a great gift! I thought this picture was lost forever. The only baby picture my husband has is now restored! Thank you!

How We Do It.

Discounts on Multiple Photos and additionally if you are not happy with the results you don’t need to purchase.
Just digitally scan your photos at a resolution of 300-600 dpi, save them as .jpeg files or .tif files and send your digitised photos to us.
Photo Restoration process can also include reconstruct missing segments of detail in an image, remove or add people or objects
You will receive a proof of your restored photo(s) within about 1 to 3 days & your photos will be corrected until you are 100% satisfied.

Featured on ABC13’s “Stretch Your Dollar” 

What to do with photos damaged in flood

Our Other Photo & Editing Services




Removing blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles, reducing lines, whiten teeth, skin toning

Eye enhancement, red eyes removal, skin smoothing, object removal and placement, and more

We also provide all kinds of enhancement and editing that a commercial photo needs.

Providing you the quality you need by correcting the colours, tones and other enhancements.

3 Easy Steps

Upload your photo
Recieve a free quote
Receive a proof photo before purchase

Discounts given on multiple photos

Get in touch for a free quote today

I met Neil on Twitter, as he was sharing a lot of my genealogy articles. When I went to his Restorapic website, I was immediately impressed with his restoration work. I am fairly good with Photoshop, but there were two particular old photos I found difficult to fix, as the damage went into the faces. In less than a DAY, Neil sent me back 2 beautiful restorations, and even touched up another I had sent him as a reference. I am 100% delighted with the results! Now I can actually see the faces of two sets of great-grandparents, as far back as the 1870s. Great work, great price and friendly service. Super-highly recommended. 🙂 - Lynn Serafinn
Photo Restoration
Date published: 11/20/2017
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