Photo Restoration Prices

Every photo & photo restoration project is unique. When you email us your photo we will evaluate it and quote the cost of your restoration based on the extent of the damage.

Below is a guide as to what the photo restoration cost may be.

If you have lots of old photos, not to worry as we give discounts on multiple photos

Light Photo Restoration

Minimal Damage

  • General light damage on the photo
  • Minimal Scratches and Dust

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Medium photo restoration

Medium Photo Restoration

General Damage

  • Extensive spotting
  • Scratches or Fading affecting entire photo

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Complex Photo Restoration

Extensive Damage

  • Extensive damage to detail areas
  • Major reconstruction of missing details
  • Large Groups Photos, such as Team Photos

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Every photo is unique and photo restoration and retouching can be very subjective therefore it is impossible to give a quote without first seeing your photograph. We don’t normally begin work until the quote has been provided and approved by you.

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Discounts given on multiple photos

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