Scanning Resolution is Important

Scanning Resolution is Important

Best restoration results start with the best scans.

Scanning resolution is important for our photo restoration process.

In this example the photo looks fine, however, the 600dpi scan is smooth and the 72dpi scan you can see the pixels.

Make sure your scan your photos at least 300dpi if not 600dpi


Photos and Bacon

‘Photos and Bacon’ Studios Dave has been reproducing antique and interesting photographs including old maps for over 10 years. His studio is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and ships to all regions on plant earth. Check out his twitter account and other web presence: PhotosandBacon on Etsy PhotosandBacon on Twitter PhotosandBacon on Ebay

How to take a picture of an old Photo

The best way to digitize old photos is to scan the images with a scanner. If you do not have access to a scanner, you could photograph them. Heres how: Set up your photograph in a place with lots of daylight/ambient light removing any dust and debris from the photo.   *Avoid direct overhead lighting

Scanners – DPI & Resolutions

Scanning photos is relatively easy, however if you’re not sure how to set the appropriate Resolution / DPI (dots per inch) and the advantages of that read on: Go into your scanner settings and look for “DPI” or “Resolution” and review your scanners current settings. Setting your scanners DPI / Resolution correctly can increase your

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